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tv   Hard Earned 2015 Ep 2  Al Jazeera  January 20, 2019 4:00am-5:00am +03

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along with the league either of us we will be looking into the deaths that occurred during the protests and urged people who have information to come forward and presented to us so we can conclude what happened and how people have been killed we'll also look into those injured and those who had their property destroyed in the demonstrations but she remains wanted by the international criminal court for work rhymes and crimes against humanity in the western region of darfur some analysts say the biggest challenge he's yet faced at home has the potential to end his rule you don't listen. this movement will be successful in changing the regime is true that the government doesn't see that but it can happen that can happen through a new political party taking over all the ruling party assad tipping the shia and bringing someone else in his place but one thing we can be sure of is that saddam before the nineteenth of december is not the same saddam post not the december when the protests started. bashir has promised economic reforms but as protests continue
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into a second month some sudanese say they're ready to sacrifice their lives to see change changes which president bashir doesn't appear ready to make people morgan al-jazeera caught on. live from london still ahead this law gives. county sheriff's office more than three hundred of them all hot trying to smuggle drugs or people into the united states reportedly smuggling corridors between the u.s. and mexico. in tears and shock forty five thousand people turned out to bid farewell to a polish man who was stabbed in front of his supporters. hello after all the action the last couple of weeks is time for central east europe to
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settle down a bit still plenty of cloud around has been a lot of rain recently in greece heading for turkey but really this represents rather like precipitation in capacitance that was recently still some more to come from hungary in play in preparing to remain here in the eastern side of austria but all the action really is taking place to the west and that northerly winds brought a drop in temperature but as following on from a period range will happen overnight sas day into sunday and then beyond that will take place in the western med and develop into the sort of storm system quiet weather to follow that and at the same time you've now look at the water just to generate the weather rob of the not northerly breeze that poured into the arms so we will come down for the south and there is more action on the shores of well morocco algeria tunisia we start our fathers sunday eighteen ribot i think it will feel not as good as that forty analogy is that's nearer the mark of what you'll feel like with that rain maybe showing some snow in the atlas mountains quite pervasive in northern morocco and a good part of our jiri and then really into tunisia east of that is across the
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looking picture that's just running out of egypt you'll notice south of all this there's a pharaoh breeze blowing out of the the desert but for the sides maybe a shower to. portrays one of the. city's seen through the eyes of those who know it best they see that. al-jazeera world goes on the road with palestinian taxi drivers living and working at the hot of one of the most hockey contested locations on a. jerusalem is a palestinian cabbies on al-jazeera.
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we're going to one of the top stories here on out. u.s. senator lindsey graham says the u.s. relationship with saudi arabia can't move forward until the matter of dealt with graham said congress will reintroduce sanctions against those involved in the killing of the journalist. crowds are gathering outside the democratic republic of congo's top court for a verdict is expected shortly after the result of the disputed presidential election position a different. the shock winner but runner up martin for you insists he won by a landslide. and a group that spearheading anti-government demonstrations has been going on for five weeks and launch more nationwide rallies including a march on parliament arrest warrants have been issued for thirty eight journalists and activists on charges of incitement and spreading false news. and
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he sixty six people have now been confirmed dead after a pipeline fire broke out in central mexico local residents had been siphoning off fuel from the leak when the explosion happened dozens of people are being treated in hospital for severe burns drove home an report from mexico city and a warning you may find some of the images distressing. it looked like a village. dozens gathered under a fountain. it had a rope to it for what. company said was illegally tapped pipeline. they took their fill the soldiers sent to guard the pipeline looks on seemingly powerless then this happened. dozens of people were taken to hospital with burns many less food were burnt to death the tragedy comes just as the government is trying to crack down on their i. i measure all my
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sins. we want to offer our deepest condolences to the victims' families and to tell the victims' families that the entire government is with them and that we are sincerely saddened by what has happened i would also like to tell the family members of those who were injured that we are giving special attention at the hospitals and that we are trying to save lives. gangs and corrupt officials have been siphoning off petrol from the country's pipelines few years in two thousand and eighteen the army found more than six thousand illegal taps vulnerable pipelines have been shut down while the secured it's left many communities with shortages. the government's trying to make up those shortfalls by delivering petrol in heavily guarded tankers in the capital the system is beginning to work but elsewhere emits crews second city guadalajara and several states there are still queues the operations costing serious money not just the tankers but the four
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thousand troops deployed to guard them pipelines and fuel death pose experts say it can't go on indefinitely the president essentially made this a game of chicken let's see who gets tied first he said those dealing the country's oil or his government with its mounting cost of pipeline security and distribution . the polls have shown the majority of mit's can support the president stand. by that but if it's to fire people who are stealing the fuel it's good we just have to put up with it for a bit if it's to make the country better. that's fine friday ended with another pipeline explosion in created all this time with no casualties but the clock's running for the president come up with a long term solution to few theft and all that comes with it john homan out zira mexico city in the coming hours u.s. president donald trump is due to make a major speech on his demands for
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a wall along the u.s. border with mexico is demanding five point seven billion dollars for the war which he says is necessary to stop the flow of drugs and illegal immigrants the issue is that to the longest partial shutdown of the government in u.s. history bodies are castro traveled to brooks county in texas to see what's at stake . brooks county texas a collection of branches hugging a highway leading north from the border is a corridor of drug smuggling from mexico. this is where sheriff benny martinez tries to hold back the tide this is small so it varies of on compartments in the i'm sure there's a lot of are going to be going through this corridor this lot is full of vehicles confiscated by the brooks county sheriff's office more than three hundred of them all caught trying to smuggle drugs or people deeper into the united states they all
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try to pass through this border patrol checkpoint one of the busiest for drug seizures in the country the government acknowledges more than eighty percent of narcotics found near the border entered through legal ports of entry the marijuana was within the walls of this love trailer one hundred twenty pounds but the were created to be small to fit the national cavity of the wall here critics of trans border wall say it's unclear how that would curtail drug smuggling through the ports but what is clear is that for migrants a wall makes an already perilous journey more deadly fifty bodies were found in brooks county last year extending a wall in certain areas is going to force people to a more dangerous area and more people are going to the humanitarian say this is the real crisis at the border the people who die in are eaten by animals in an attempt to reach a better life how do you castro al-jazeera berks county texas. thousands of
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people have gathered in the polish city of donetsk a bit emotional farewell to murdered met pavel a demo of it he was fatally stabbed at a charity fundraiser last weekend and i'm a bit served as the mare for twenty years and was a liberal critic of poland's ruling party a report. saying goodbye to power a dam of its the popular mayor of the danske outside the city since mary's basilica a huge crowd followed events on a big screen. as the catholic archbishop of could dance candid family members rosaries and gifts sent by pope francis among the congregation inside european council president donald tusk a personal friend of a dime of it so too were poland's president and prime minister a demo of it she'd been married for twenty years died after being stabbed on stage during a charity event he was fifty three point seven nine. today we all need silence but
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silence can not mean all of us because meet us is similar to in different powell has never been indifferent or an opportunist. the attacker accused the previous government led by the mayor's former party of wrongly jailing him police have arrested a twenty seven year old suspect like good little to share with the many what happened on sunday evening was seen as a violent constant sound of warning bell it's invited us to examine our conscience to change our lifestyles our style of politics our society and our media deval not to go. back in twenty seventeen a polish far right group issued a dam of each and ten other men is fake death certificates. they signed a declaration welcoming refugees in protest against the government's anti migration policies. i hope his death will help to remove or at least limit the language of hatred but it's sad it takes a tragedy to bring us together that's called the most vigils have been taking place
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in polish cities all week long a sign of how power a dam of it is killing has left the country shaken deep barber al-jazeera. yellow vest demonstrators have marched for the tenth straight weekend in france to protest against calls government it's the first mass rally since michael published an open letter and called for a big debate in response to protest as angry with his economic policies to try to has more from paris. the police were most notable by their absence as the yellow vests first took to the streets of the french capital for their tenth weekly demonstration in a row. clashes too were largely absent but there's growing concern about the number of protesters who've been seriously injured in confrontations with the police says the demonstrators started two months ago. fifteen people so far have lost an eye after being hit with rubber coated bullets which police call
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defense balls. a use of excessive force is a common practice nowadays we did a first survey one month ago and it seems nothing has really changed from police tactics neither in the orders given by the authorities. but police sources say when they're being attacked with glass bottles cinderblocks acid a metal bolts defense board launches are the only weapons that scare people in the so-called big debate launched by the french government this week will see hundreds of town hall meetings like this one being held right across the country since president emanuel magnetrons attempt to break out of the metropolitan. paris and listen to the real him pinions of the people the president himself spent more than six hours listing to the concerns of rural mayors on friday night one of them told him that town halls were the first rung of democracy that they been robbed of their
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traditional role do some research on we are the only european country that has expense must employment for the past forty cade's and i'm telling you this frankly it's not by reestablishment attacks in great fortunes or by doing a popular referendum that would solve it ah ah those are just some of the demands of the l a vest who've always pilloried macro as a president for the rich. we do not agree at all with the mccrone debate because from the start he's made clear he's not willing to change his policies late in the afternoon there were limited clashes between demonstrators and police in paris the government's attempts to diffuse the crisis still show no real sign of working david chaytor al-jazeera powers. the survivors of the two thousand and two bali bombings say they're outraged over the early release of the alleged mastermind of the attack eight year old abu bakar bashir was jailed for fifteen years his links to camps where the bombers were trained as lawyers say the indonesian president
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joked who would go to relented on the requirement for bashir to renounce his radical beliefs before being given parole widow says he'll be released on humanitarian grounds woman two hundred people were killed in the nightclub attacks seventeen years ago the own nation of vanuatu is conducting a world first health trial using commercial drones to deliver lifesaving vaccines at the moment about one in five children that don't get all the facts nations they need to move could revolutionize health care for some of the world's poorest nations under thomas reports from vanuatu's eremenko island. delivering vaccines to people on air or mango audience used to take hours or even days but now a drone can reach them in minutes soaring over the sea over rugged landscapes which don't have roads or parts until recently this a long rough boat ride was the only way anything got to the village of south river
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to get things to other places to go about and the trek of many hours for vaccines which need to be kept cool that's expensive and impractical boats need lots of fuel backpacks don't have for generation and in remote villages there isn't reliable power needed for fridges to store vaccines long term drones mean vaccines can be delivered on demand i've been with the minister of health ten to five years and this is the most innovative and ambitious and exciting project that i've been involved in two companies commissioned by that i want to use government and backed by australia unicef and the global fund are investigating the viability of new services across from the aussies are hell ago it takes twenty minutes for a drone to reach south river from ever mangos main settlement at dillon's bay but the battery on board can fly it for well over an hour the drone reaches one hundred ten kilometers an hour and can carry two point five kilograms on board this child
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is one of the lucky ones being vaccinated during the trial period otherwise it looks like and a lot longer we've had many conversations with with unicef at the global level and that definitely looking at what's happening in vanuatu other countries are interested to learn from what's haven't happening in vanuatu and to be able to replicate but also use drones just minutes on the ground before making their return trip what are being tested hair about the practical technicalities of delivering vaccines by drugs and economics is it financially viable to deliver primary health care by driving the company behind. this says yes largely using parts made by three d. printers their manufacturing cost is less than ten thousand dollars per drug and pulling the drones fly certain routes autonomous lee so there's no need to expertise locally the only marginal operating cost is electricity about four dollars a blighted by water but even the cost is removed when solar energy is used it is
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made to be robust and cost effective in a solution that we can we can talk to a country that can't afford one hundred thousand all of a coal but we can bring the same level of technical competence with all of us sitting behind me this trial is a world first if successful it has a big implications the potential to fly out to primary health care on demand to remote spots worldwide andrew thomas al-jazeera. island vanuatu and clear mind you can catch up any time with our website the address that is al jazeera dot com i know some of your he watches a lot live icon he don't try to do it's there they aren't i can't. i don't mind the top stories here not just here u.s. senator lindsey graham says the u.s. is relationship with saudi arabia can't move forward until the murder of john has.
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dealt with graham said congress will reintroduce sanctions against those involved in the killing of hush algae we will. start sanctioning those involved with the killing the mr could show he will make a definitive statement that m.b.a.'s knew about it and is responsible for it and come up with a series of sanctions to. make sure that others understand this is not what you do if you're an ally of the united states crowds have gathered outside the democratic republic of congo's top court where a verdict is expected over the result of the disputed presidential election position leader felix she secured he was declared the shock winner but has been accused of rigging the vote with outgoing president joseph kabila runner up martin for you to insists he won by a landslide and has filed a legal challenge a group that spearheading anti-government demonstrations in sudan which have now been going on for five weeks says it plans to launch more nationwide rallies
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including a march on parliament arrest warrants have been issued for thirty eight journalists and activists on charges of incitement and spreading false news. at least sixty six people have now been confirmed dead after a pipeline fire broke out in central mexico local residents had been illegally siphoning off fuel from a leak when the explosion happened dozens of being treated in hospital for severe burns thousands of people have gathered in the polish city of donetsk to build an emotional farewell to murdered mayor pawel adam of which he was fatally stabbed at a charity fundraiser last weekend that of which served as the mayor of dembski for twenty years and was a liberal critic of poland's ruling party alleged mastermind of the two thousand and two bali bombings has been granted early release from prison by indonesian president because we don't go on humanitarian grounds a survivors of the attack say that they're outraged that eight year old abu bakar
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bashir will serve only nine of his fifteen year sentence when two hundred people were killed in the nighttime attacks listening post is up next i phone now. well. documented for us. i'm not an. m.p. and pressured and. this is. a lower richard gaisford and you're at the listening post here are some of the stories we're covering this week venezuela president maduro begins his second term
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and the media landscape looks far different than when he began his first the sudanese government faces street protests and turns to an online clampdown that straight out of the strongman playbook the wall street journal a hoax and the perils of single source journalism plus had geography and american presidents nothing so becomes their legacy as their passing earlier this month nicolas maduro was sworn in for a second term as venezuela's president the election that got him there was widely condemned as rigged and opposition voices were mostly absent from the airwaves the case against him a doro and his treatment of the media is compelling his critics say that since he first took office in two thousand and thirteen almost one hundred radio and television stations have been censored or shut down as well as thirty three newspapers another fifty journalists have been prosecuted we've been following the media story in venezuela for more than a decade now when the duros predecessor and mentor the late hugo chavez came to
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power he pledged to confront the right wing media outlets that dominated political discourse at the time to democratize the media and give voice to the country's poor . however venezuelans now suffer under chronic shortages and not just of food and medicine information the pendulum has swung the other way and there are signs aplenty that venezuela's bolivarian revolution has lost its way our starting point this week is the capital. evolution from assuming they do you eat their names you don't think in the moment though you both know something else is this healthy thinking and feeling good. about the movie. deal you got to see it in equal number who don't. say that.
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they. must it's more propaganda than information. it's evidence that they're adhering to the guidelines given by the ministry of communications despite the doubts and the controversies that have arisen. the official line tries to justify the existence of the power of reality to the one that venezuelans a living on a daily basis the content to sweeten the order to avoid contradicting official reports that's the reality of journalism in venezuela the government exercises extreme control especially in broadcast media. for voices on the state of the news media in a country that's as polarized as any on the planet the government official from the human rights commission the academic a specialist on political discourse in venezuela and two journalists plying their
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trade online partly due to a shortage of paper the election held last may was considered a sham by the un the e.u. . and the organization of american states and recognized as legitimate by among others china russia and cuba the two main opposition figures were both disqualified from running voter turnout was the lowest ever the millions fleeing the country are now part of the biggest refugee surge in latin american history chased by chronic shortages and inflation the details of which they cannot count on their government and the media it mostly controls to provide a way to proceed by the primary source of information is the venezuelan government but it doesn't actually inform the no details about inflation or what the g.d.p. little bit i'll get on that them a comment on the little sign your thing i must say me and the lot of our seal
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intake i meant that. if they see a good economy. carissa we've ignored those essential statistics for years in the states stops informing and instead produces propaganda and uncertainty rules and rumors becomes a little more says harry minas. minnesota has been subjected to unilateral sanctions illegal measures which is not shown by the media they only show the consequences of those sanctions the crisis that's come as a result is a biased account is demonize the country's image which in turn justifies any subsequent action in the scene. venezuela's government does have powerful adversaries starting with a superpower to the north the takes a disproportionate interest in oil rich country two days after the inauguration the trumpet ministration said it was looking at all the options on how we influence the
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outcome in venezuela is going to he's sure to drive a nationwide policy they are already out of washington has imposed three sets of economic sanctions on kind of us and they've had an effect they also provide the doodle government with the convenient there to get us america to fall back on some long seven if i don't. beyond in the obvious along with. the economic crisis and the resulting shortages don't just affect consumers they affect the news industry last month. a newspaper founded in one thousand forty three published its final edition one of the reasons given was a shortage of newsprint. and that's what i remember your goal bonus you know as one of the most important newspapers in venezuela when it was launched it represented a very innovative moment in journalism it opposed to hugo chavez's government and then nicolas maduro and as a consequence it's suffered retaliation to
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a better than what we have. been losing its original essence for a while it was once one of the most influential newspapers in venezuela with a print run of two hundred thousand copies and by the end it had to crease dramatically to five to six thousand made up of very few pages who thought that if we going to go out in the. us has a serious problem when it comes to getting certain supplies like paper which is not made here and which we cannot afford to import so of course the media is going to suffer media still in circulation but they've moved online that's just the global reality so it's unfair to suggest that media outlets are being closed down to still there but they're on the internet but. this journalism isn't widespread venezuela has the worst internet in latin america and it's very difficult for people to use their phones in public like in the us and
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europe there is too much crime and also websites suffer constant attacks we suspect that it's people from the government. there's a context a history to the story of the venezuelan the one hugo chavez was elected in one thousand nine hundred nine the first leftist president in forty years the vast. majority of news outlets tilted to the right they were openly hostile to chavez is full of aryan revolution in two thousand and two charters was briefly deposed in a coup one that the media didn't just cover they were participants recognized for their efforts by coup leaders. who said they could not have overthrown the democratically elected charges without the help of right wing media outlets like veni vidi on our c.t.v. and global view. the changes to the media landscape that then began under charges have accelerated under nicolas maduro global vision is just one example having
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backed the coup in two thousand and two under one set of owners it is now in the hands of. a promo duro businessman countless other media outlets including major newspapers like el universal and quilty must. have gone the same way what began as a government enforced market correction a defensible response to a media sector that was out of control has since grown into a crackdown. in which i thought they meant that they would not know when chavez was in office he enjoyed popular support most of the times so repression wasn't so necessary by the time and during came to power sympathy for the government fell significantly due to the economic situation the social situation and so repression against the media increases that it was going to remain. babs that's the difference with the past chavez was much
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more patient despite the fact that the media tried to destroy him and his family under man who woulda been times when those who run the media should be held to account why because freedom of expression doesn't mean impunity is not just movie says it isn't tried in international treaties as well as our own constitution. and i lived. there's an awful. lot of organs where we are the ones telling the truth that's what the government says but for the system to work we need media outlets that have no relationship to the government so they can tell us what's really happening and good government needs to be able to take criticism from its citizens the problem is that the reality is very obvious and there is no way to hide it any longer the money that. we're looking at other media stories that are on our radar this week was one of our
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producers tarek nuff tarik security services in sudan have been trying to limit coverage of protests that began there last month this past week close to thirty journalists were rounded up all from the same newspaper why would they target the journalist who working for an outlet called a jedi which is refused to comply with government censorship the newspaper and others have received almost nightly visits from the security services who harass and dictate what they're allowed to publish geneva has refused to toe the line and it's clearly paying the price the sunday issue of the paper was banned from publication for the third time in a row and more than ten of its editions have been seized since protests began in mid december when the journalists held a sits in outside the headquarters of the national intelligence and security twenty of them including the editor i deliver these were arrested ok so that's the government trying to control the output of one newspaper what about the online side
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where censorship can be so much more difficult to enforce so the internet is being thankful to the organization of these protests are brick hashtags like sudan cities revolts have been used to mobilize people then documents and broadcast demonstrations to the world president bush it knows that and he's ordered the internet provider of to block access to prop phones like facebook twitter and what that is all very egypt two thousand and eleven the restrictions haven't really what protesters have use virtual private networks the p.m.'s to get around them and videos like this one a security force that's trying to mow down protesters have been shed extensively on mine. all right. moving on so last week the wall street journal reports that an american conservative activist has been banned from twitter after complaints by some muslim advocacy group but the story
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turns out to be some kind of hoax yes and a lab or one of the activist laura linney a far right online personality who is suspended from twitter for a slime a phobic comments a pair of internet prank that came up with a plan to see how easy it would be to convince her that shadowy muslim groups were responsible for getting how bad and so they posed to the disgruntled twitter employee and convince women that twitter thi jack dorsey had met with the council on american islamic relations with cat and they had lobbied for her account to be taken down it was a lie but lim a lot set up and partly the hoax is wanted to see if she would take the story to an outlet like in for was so they could expose how the right wing media food chain was instead lehman went to the wall street journal which published her account seemingly without any cooperating evidence or proper fact checking bottom line a prank designed to expose the far right media bubble inadvertently revealed from
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very shoddy journalistic standards i one of the most widely read newspapers in the us ok thanks dark. turning now to had geography the definition of which is a biography that treats its subject with undue reference journalists occasionally serve up obituaries that are reverential the u.s. news media produced a few of them last year first for the former senator and prisoner of war john mccain then for george h.w. bush the country's president from one thousand nine hundred eighty nine to ninety three who died in november bush's obituary suffered from a syndrome that critics call obit omit focusing on attributes and achievements taking up column inches and television air time while controversial aspects of his record among them alleged war crimes were omitted such obituaries fail news consumers see enough of them and you'll find that they reveal more about the journalist producing them and the news outlet involved than they do about the
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deceased the listening posts daniel to a t. now on the white washing of history in real time. when americans watch the news they have a variety of channels to choose from across the political spectrum but in the wake of a political death it can be hard to spot the difference he was truly one of a kind on the thirtieth of november two thousand and eighteen george h.w. bush the forty first president of the united states died though president bush faced victory and defeat tragedy can triumph with modesty humor and uncommon grace find one a hard one a nice gentleman the want to wall coverage was dominated by tributes that range from the admiring to the sentimental the former president remembered for his sense of decency his kindness his commitment to others the coverage of. george bush sr it is death really emphasized personal qualities at the expense of policy
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because lot of folks have been asking what's next for sully and even his dog who is . no they got more coverage than any dog since lassie when as we watched the pictures we wondered aloud is suddenly just as sad as the humans who are missing this man so very much every see did this like you know remarkable report by jenna bush bigger to a grandfather it's my turn to write a love letter. i read one could take it as a sort of like nice family tribute but then why are they employ a good journalist to cover her own family what do you want your legacy to be it has a defect if they're deeply to sizing bush and making him you know this kind of like you know generic lovable grandfather you don't really get a sense of you know this man was president he made decisions that literally were life and death for hundreds of thousands of people who i saw very little coverage of what he did politically they were constantly talking about him being you
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personable having class decency honor integrity caring about his children his grandchildren and they have a place and talking about their loved one and him but i think we have a responsibility in the media to go beyond that to have an honest assessment of an absolutely critical period of u.s. history we also have to remember the victims of his policy the thousands of people who died in panama who died in iraq who didn't get a chance to write letters to their grandchildren and their great grandchildren when you look at how the american media covered me george h.w. bush and they reflect the kind of outlook that seems to be under siege that is a country first at nineteen he became the youngest navy bomber pilot in world war two all the memories of george bush's reaching across party lines the fact that he wasn't
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a hater all that i think accounts for the fact that the coverage was overwhelmingly if not totally positive this morning we remember. his life and his tremendous legacy when the unit addressed bush's record they offered a somewhat starry eyed view of his time in the white house what a great man george h.w. bush was and how he guided america in the world through the ending of the cold war how he unified chairman of the president's more controversial aspects of bush's legacy were given short shrift his two years as director of the cia were crossed over as with the invasions he launched as commander in chief against saddam hussein's iraq in one nine hundred ninety one just two hours ago allied air forces again an attack on military targets in iraq in kuwait and in panama to overthrow manuel noriega at the tator who had previously been on the cia's payroll when the agency was led by bush his history as the head of the cia in cultivating
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dictatorships in south and central america and his history in the illegal war against panama should very well have been part of the obituaries the other bush going to be does tell you only going to be a little bit of the tone when you're going to consider all i'm used to if i mean really i think the so-called gulf war of one thousand nine hundred ninety one was really a different kind of scandal the united states bombed iraq most of the sleep started the process of destroying that country there was a so-called highway of death where the americans just muscle asleep killed iraqi troops that were in full scale retreat the use depleted uranium in their bombs and produced generations of young children born with cancer if you don't add that into the legacy of george h.w. bush i don't know who you're talking about i don't think it's surprising that the the analysis of the go forward was muted i think part of what explains the relative
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quietness of the contrast between the iraq war. as george h.w. bush shortened what he did and what happened with his son what bush did not do the elder was to pursue that war into baghdad there was a sense of restraint the second thing is that the old latin version to not speak ill of the dead applies just in general to the media the latin saying the more to do with nearly seaborne or the dead say nothing but good has been part of death etiquette in the west for centuries but does it make sense as a rule of thumb for journalists when they assess the political legacy honoring a leader and death often means forgetting those who died as a result of their policies and as with all rules it's one that's american news outlets often break when it suits if you actually like a look at the media as a whole this principle we have to respect the dad is very selectively applied one
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could only look at. his di and they've been living under this horrible dictator i don't think he will be missed by anybody the american media was not like well you know we have to think of his family and what was he like as a grandfather provocative an unpredictable strongman of venezuela has died though is all about well this guy was a tyrant he had human rights abuse is very blunt and so there's definitely they get different standard for american leaders as against sort of foreign leaders especially those outside the western world. the glueing unities to george h.w. bush into not a nostalgia that went beyond patriotism and even beyond bush himself. the repetition of words like decency and bipartisan seem to be as much about the rather he was not saying i will build a great great wall president trumps ginny's and a phobia and lying have outraged mainstream journalists. and his attacks on news
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networks have turned the media into an enemy that's enough put down the mike drum serving as a constant point of comparison redemption in the media has never been easier to come by for former american statesman. whether they were long. i'm so excited to have you here are you as excited as i am to be here yeah. the reason why george w. bush looks better to a lot of the press is simply a matter of contrast president bush it's always nice to have you here thanks for joining us in the case of donald trump you have somebody who simply has no concept of what truth or false what is who violates norms was a bully who allowed like to punch him in the face. and so george w. bush looks better by comparison you cannot compare things like that you have to look at them as well for what they've done and that's exactly what the media doesn't do i mean here is a direct walk criminal the man who was destroyed iraq on in the. house
4:44 am
built of lies saddam hussein is a threat to america he's a man who said he wouldn't have weapons of mass destruction yet he has them when he eventually dies they're going to say you know he was a. he loved his children he was a bipartisan if they bring the illegal war and it calls into question the american religion that the american government acts benevolently around the world the media very much parents views of those in power sadly journalists are a part of the establishment so much in the united states it's. hard right after person guys to do an honest real evaluation of their record to speak ill of the dead but journalism is the first draft of history and it's at those moments that people come to understand their own country and our role in the world and that's
4:45 am
why the records of these presidents must be dissected analyzed. the key is not to erase what they've done. one last point on how geography and the politicians who don't even have to die before undergoing their mainstream media make over george w. bush really is the poster boy for that phenomenon a president whose catastrophic decision to go to war in iraq ended up killing and these are conservative estimates hundreds of thousands when he left office in two thousand and eight he looked like he was beyond rehabilitation but ever since the donald trump circus came to washington bush has been benefiting from some favorable comparisons and getting more and more of the kind of fawning coverage usually reserved for dead presidents we'll leave you now with a few examples of that and we'll see you next time here at the listening post race yesterday was president of the united states of america for eight years which is probably enough resume wise but he's also a painter with
4:46 am
a new book of stories and art called portraits of courage please welcome the forty third president of the united states george w. bush. i want to ask you this a question that i think is very important me and very important to the country when you are in office and i don't know when this habit or if it happened did you go through the secret files the u.f.o. documents. there's a vice president that the the first thing i did good morning to all of you great to have you here this morning i wish everybody could see how all of you interact when the cameras aren't on because. these are true friendships that are among all of you which major job i would think all the harder here you are there portraitist you have to capture the essence of them the first i have to say did he get the portraits right to capture you guys i personally think it makes you better looking . people know this but my daughter jenna and your good buddies yes we are and my
4:47 am
attitude is if your good buddy or jenna your good buddy of mine she is a she is a lovely girl. and she was on this show and we called you and you answered the phone you actually picked up and talked to us while she was on the yeah and i was actually the president yeah i know. i'm one of the. sixty seen through the eyes of those who know it best to see. just the real world goes on the road
4:48 am
with palestinian taxi driver who's living and working at the heart of one of the most talking contested locations. jerusalem so palestinian cabbies on the whole jazeera. does know one way of telling stories keeping is to the right and to be respectful to say it is great to get to know the person for he tells. hello norm taylor in london the top stories are not zero u.s. senator lindsey graham has again warned saudi arabia over the killing of journalists. during a visit to turkey the republican senator said saudi's time is with america can't progress until the murders properly dealt with some even jade has more from
4:49 am
gaziantep near the syrian border. the killing of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi was very much on lindsey graham's mind he said relations between washington and riyadh couldn't be normalized and the crown prince mohammed bin sole man widely believed to have been behind the murder has been dealt with we will. start sanctioning those involved with the killing of mr shogi will make a definitive statement that m.b.a.'s feel that it is responsible for it and come up with a series of sanctions. she was last seen at the saudi consulate in istanbul on october the second after initial denials the kingdom eventually admitted that saudi agents killed a journalist who criticized the crown prince of saudi leaders see eleven saudis have been indicted while the us government has imposed sanctions on seventeen saudis for their suspected drawled in the murder lindsey graham is an influential u.s. senator who is a member of the foreign relations defense an appropriation committees he's been
4:50 am
both an ally and a critic of president donald trump although he's not known for mincing his words but his outspoken stance cannot be confused with deficient u.s. policy he said a little more than a month ago that marvin summer was a wrecking ball and that it was very clear that he was responsible for the murder. and now he's talking about handling the situation i think it's a bit of a bit of a walk back and also i think it's worth pointing out that this is actually useful for dog try because to have someone who is an ally of probably very close ally and a very powerful senator coming out and in effect demanding something be done with them are bizarre man takes some of the pressure off donald trump friends of the united states the republican senator has previously visited the area in northern syria before americans but among one thousand people killed on wednesday the suicide attack by isis fighters in member followed the u.s. president announcing the draw of u.s. troops and declaring the defeat divisive sparking get into the fall out between the
4:51 am
americans and the turks. it's a delicate balance on the border between syria and turkey the so-called safe zone is in a region sandwiched between syrian government forces backed by iran and russia and turkish troops on the opposite side u.s. forces and kurdish allies are squeezed in the middle turkey's leaders view kurdish by p.g. as terrorists the u.s. is trying to tone down that hostility towards the kurds the roadmap to member is the most important thing to be accomplished in the near term so i would hope the president truck would slow the withdrawal until we truly destroy isis and see if we can implement the roadmap to mend bitch as a cop that's building measure that were removed by b.g. elements from a bridge working with turkey allow the people i'm a bitch to come up with a governing structure acceptable to turkey and the region and if we do not do this
4:52 am
. our was drawls going to agree holy hill for turkey so is the threat of an ice and resurgence as well as warming ties between kurdish fighters and iran backed forces all unacceptable for both turkey and the united states some up in job with al-jazeera. the democratic republic of congo's constitutional court is expected to deliver a final ruling on the country's presidential election results supporters have declared were to fix the security have been marching to the court and the electoral commission says he won with thirty eight percent of the vote but another opposition leader martin for you to says he was robbed of his victory and has asked the court to order a recount. a group that spearheading anti-government demonstrations in sudan says it plans to launch more nationwide rallies including a march on parliament arrest warrants have been issued for thirty eight journalists and activists on charges of incitement and spreading false news. where's the
4:53 am
headlines next stop the holy city of jerusalem as seen through the eyes of palestinian cab drivers out of their world is up next more news for you after that thanks for watching state of it.
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